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Completely free 1-to-1 course in pronunciation on the art of reciting the Quran with precision

Course details:

We focus primarily on Makharij al-Huroof, that is, how to articulate Arabic letters correctly. Further, depending on the interest of the student, we cover other Tajweed areas outside the religious duty.

How we teach:

Our sessions are expedient

Before delving into recitation, we ensure the learner has an adequately-solid foundation. This means we don't get into the Quran before long. Therefore, to make the most out of your course, rework your Surahs during intervals, focusing on implementing newly-learned material.

Our sessions are peculiarly short

The plan essentially consists of working on the understanding and the application of the letters by taking on myriad possibilities. But we know there's a limit to which the average person can comfortably learn a week, so we can't instruct like that for long. Therefore, sessions are short, but they're intense. So focus, and be assiduous.

Our sessions are close-ended

While errors in combining letters are best corrected in recitation, Makharij evolve rapidly in isolation.
We give students motivational reports after each session, so they know exactly what to work on, in addition to how much of the course material they do not know, thereby challenging their abilities.


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Oosman Beekawoo
Oosman Beekawoo

Tajweed enthusiast. Fascinated by disseminating the science to the world.

How to apply:

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Course Additional Information

What is a session duration?
Around 15 min, per week. Not because it's free, but because how we teach is the only way we can establish that the student knows his Makharij inside out. And few can learn like that for long.
When will I recite to you?
On Sundays, normally. But if you can't show up, contact us and we'll arrange for some other day.
What is the course duration?
The course only ends after you complete the modules. Hence it depends on your learning speed and previous knowledge.
What if your class is full?
Until we release an article on alternatives, I'll recommend you join They have really good teachers while charging the lowest rates on the web. Like all free stuff, I can only dedicate my free time to this noble work. In the meantime, just send over your name to reserve the next free seat.
What if I think there's a better way to teach? Or if I have any comments, suggestions or queries?
Voice it out! At Awakening Tajweed, we're always open to new ideas. We think highly of your time getting in touch with us. Whoever you are, whatever you say.